April 17, 2010

What is REAL Perfume

Can you tell the difference between fresh squeezed orange juice vs. the one you get out of a can? Do you know what it feels like to wear cashmere vs. itchy wool? Do you know what it is like to drive a finely tuned luxury car as opposed to a run down import?

They both provide you with vitamin C, they both keep you warm and they both get you from point A to point B. But the experience is completely different.

The same analogy can be used in the world of perfume. Do you know what it is like to enjoy the experience and self-esteem of wearing a real perfume vs. a lesser fragrance like an Eau de Toilette (EDT)? They both smell somewhat the same when they first come out of the bottle but the similarities end there.

Real perfume is the most highly concentrated form of fragrance. The greater the concentration of perfume oil, the richer, the more sensuous and the longer-lasting the fragrance. Since most people can’t afford to spend $400 for an ounce of real perfume, instead they wear watered down eau de toilettes (EDT) or eau de parfum (EDP). Below is a graph which determines just how much perfume oil is put into your perfume bottle.

So now that you know what constitutes a real perfume, what's in your bottle?

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